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( Wednesday, Jul. 12, 2006 11:36 pm )

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Today I talked to my old landlord about how the lid of my toilet tank got broken. I knew that's why he was calling and was super depressed that I was going to need to have this conversation at all in order to get my deposit back, which I desperately need. Anyway, this guy is super-irksome, especially since he got the idea that I was a difficult case and possibly a flim-flam artist; however, I am a pushover and a real nice girl. He never got that though, and used to leave messages on my machine in a stern tone of voice. Anyway, this time he sounded so polite and pleasant (and according to Davy, French) on the machine that I was pretty sure he was making fun of me. I just know he was picturing me drunk and naked and tossing the damn toilet lid out the window...nevertheless, I finally got to hold the higher ground and use the disapproving librarian voice with him, because it was not my fault.

Me: Well, remember how back in the day I told you the toilet was broken?
Him: ye-es.
Me: Well, I had to lift the lid and refill the tank manually every time I flushed. Once it slipped, fell the 2 inches back onto the tank, and it cracked.
Him:Where did it break?

Why are we getting all CSI about the toilet tank??????? Anyway, I'm very glad to be in the new place, which is now fairly clean because my girl Junebug came over tonight, and I prepped for her visit. We made lasagna and watched The Proj.

Also, guess what's great about being a couple shackin' up in an apartment? That extra bedroom. Yeah. That's where I am now. The "study." Har-har.

Guess what's bad about living with your boyfriend (who is a dude)? Filth. We've both been cleaning, sorting, organizing for two weeks, and it still looks fairly crappy. Everytime I have a day off, I put on some sort of insane bra-less outfit, don't bother to comb my hair or wash myself or anything, and start cleaning this pighole in the 90 degree 3rd floor heat. If I haven't sweated through my Kmart boys underwear tank top by 10am, it's not a day.

I love summer. For serious. Join my badminton league.

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