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( Monday, Jan. 23, 2006 3:55 pm )

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Today is Jim's birthday, so I went down and got him some carry-out of Belgian beers and had an amiable chat with some guys at the bar who appeared to have ordered Miller Light and chocolate cookies for lunch. I also stopped off at the library to check out what they had about quitting smoking (it is time, in my opinion, for Davy to quit, so I was going to do some research into the agony I want him to be going through as soon as possible) but there only seemed to be books on "addiction," which contained a lot of psych stuff that I couldn't really bring myself to read, probably because it didn't relate to me. Because I am self-centered.

Davy and I have decided to move in together this summer, although I have some misgivings about the smoking and about depriving Davy and Jim of each other, and more specifically of each other's interminable chatting on issues that don't interest me, including politics, science, sports, and Grand Theft Auto. Also he was talking about how we'd get a two-bedroom, and I only just realized that would be so that if we break up, one of us could move out, and the other could get a roommate. Hey! But practical. In the plus column, though, I'm excited about having the opportunity to paint and decorate a new place, and to finally consolidate my time, which is now split between my apartment (quiet, serene, broken-down shoebox) and Jim and Davy's (smoky, amusing, sociable).

And now, though I feel like curling up and reading and cooking more and more beans for hours yet, I must get dressed and get myself together for tutoring. I've started volunteering at a literacy agency, trying to lay a little knowledge on the people. And by that I mean evaluating our horoscopes, doing word problems (I had forgotten how the protagonists of math problems always have outlandishly foreign names for some reason. Seriously, these people are not the greatest readers in English; how are you gonna throw "Guillaume" in there??), and reading "urban fiction" aloud. Educational!

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