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( Sunday, Jul. 23, 2006 6:25 pm )

>A little patience

OK! Home again after a week at the beach in Florida with my extended family. As far as free beach vacations go, it was probably as good as it gets, especially since Davy came with, and together we pursued a course of swimming, castle building, swimming, eating, swimming, and napping, interspersed with reapplying sunscreen. Hot damn I love to go swimming. I had brought along the new Old Navy two piece bathing suit, feeling sufficiently hot for such an item, but then proceeded to be bitten up by something (possibly noseeums, cause I didn't see them) from neck to navel. I mean, I still wore it, but while I was hoping to look girlish, I looked as always like the fleabitten summercamper I am. I.e. no "laying out," but definitely moat-digging and reading of Nora Roberts. My shoulders are tan!

Last night we came home via the worst air-travel experience possible. First we rolled onto the plane buzzed, the last two to take our seats, and were elated when the plane departed the gate imediately and taxied out to the runway....where we sat on the ground for four hours while thunderstorms hovered over Philly. It was totally claustrophobic and excruciating, all the more so because many of the people around us (even those with several starving children with them!) seemed to be able to maintain a cheerful attitude and a willingness to make jokes after every "Weeeeell folks, looks like..." announcement, while I was unable to do more than bang my head softly against the plexiglass. Dude, I am cranky. Davy and I were stewing in our own Dorito crumbs (dinner) and planning to kill people who let their children watch DVDs without headphones. Luckily the flight attendants placated us with biscuits and disgusting raisin snacks just in time. And, anyway, delays, delays, I was cranky, now I'm home. Hurray.

Tonight, My Fair Brady. My old friend Ruby made me start watching this--she too has a much older man, and so related to Adrienne, although she (Ruby) is not totally insane. I can watch for about five minutes at a time before I have to look away in horror and discomfort. Oh attention-whores, I will give you the attention that you crave! Also I can't wait until Star uncovers that Suri is really an alien cyborg--something like Small Wonder.

Anyway, shackin' up is goin' gangbusters still, even though some of us are from Mars and others from Venus:

Davy: I think we'll be done fixing the place up by this weekend.
Me: It's going to take 800 million years!

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