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( Friday, Jun. 03, 2005 12:28 pm )

>The Velvet Rope

Today is my day off, which is fantastic. I slept late at Davy's and watched Daws with Jim, and now I am back home again pondering exactly what sort of grain/legume slop I shall cook for myself today. Also, I have some situps to do, having taken on the "12 minute workout" as suggested by my own sweet girl Ruby, who got buff on said program from ages 10-13. So far, I've done 132 minutes of hot hot weight-bearing action!

In other day-off news, it's become an occasional habit for Davy to send me dirty emails from work when I have a weekday off with nothing to do. Listen, I appreciate the freedom with which dirty talk may be volleyed about in this relationship, but I think I had better take charge of the narrative direction of said talk, because I just about scream whenever I read these messages from him. I'd like to blame it on the spelling--the wrong "your" (he put "you're" incorrectly, but at least the contraction shows he was trying), plus the just plain gross spelling of "cum" for "come." Really, though, it's the...I'm not sure actually. It's all just so blatant and unimaginative and my first thought is "I'm not doing THAT!" You know, like, shit, man, dance for me and let me tie you up, dude. TIE ME UP?! That's so bondage 101, I know, and not a big deal, but I feel weirdly coerced. I just think I would've totally been on board if he had just troubled to write a little descriptive tale for me in order that I can envision myself as the protagonist of such escapades, but he didn't, so now I have to do the narrative work myself, and either start imagining things quick, or else read Vox and The Fermata. As a writer, I'm going to need to provide a little more guidance to my dear sweet Davyboy, perhaps starting now by sending him an email that will set his hair on fire.

Y'know, I thought I was a very sexual being, but I guess I just really like storytelling after all.

Anyway! I gave notice at work, which has made me so unbelievably happy that Europe will practically be anticlimactic. We still haven't bought tickets yet. Prices were about 300 bucks cheaper last time we looked, mere days ago, so it feels like a swindle to buy them now. Oh, prices, what happened to you? Are they tied to stock market fluctuations or lunar cycles or what? Will they ever go down again? I am confused. Also, if you wanna live in Philly this summer, let me know, cause I got a sweet sublet with yer name on it.

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