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( Friday, May. 13, 2005 5:59 pm )

>I heard you paint houses

What's wrong with me that I'm not writing? Jeez louise. Anyway, I'm currently about to pass out in one of my typical late afternoon naps that stretch way too late. Five hours of sleep last night--not nearly enough, although as always worth it in order to hang out with my man Davy, though only after I woke up from yesterday's late afternoon nap. But I shall not fall asleep today, much as I would like to, sated with Cheerios in my quiet, pleasantly cool apartment, because I'm going to a potluck with some ladies from work tonight. I probably don't hang out with girls enough anymore, so it will be nice to have an evening of dirty jokes and cackling and not ever feel compelled to hide lust for lithe young male high school competitive swimmers or profound interest in celebrity gossip rags.

Davy and I still plan to travel for as long as possible this summer, although we've yet to do anything at all to bring this about, so far. I can't wait, being especially ansty to leave my shit job and spend some delicious summertime work-free and enjoying myself in a youthful and irresponsible manner. I'm also apparently invited along to Davy's family's upcoming trip to Disney for Thanksgiving, which to me sounds so cute and wholesome and pleasantly lame (somehow I can't picture my parents wanting to take their grown children to the magic kingdom), and I'm so pleased they'd include me (I'm so officially "in," man, cause they're as glad as my moms with me, to see Davy with someone). However, this summer is going to be so blissfully perfect and entertaining that I'll be broke broke dead broke this fall, scrounging around for trainfare to get to CT for the holidays. I'm turning 25, I'm dumping my dead-end job for good, and I'm seeing all the sights of Europe with my beloved. I'm pretty sure it don't signify if I broke-ify myself, cause I don't think I'll regret it on my death bed. Plus, I REALLY like ramen.

I think I want to be a housepainter.

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