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( Monday, May. 05, 2008 12:04 am )

>This concept of "wuv" confuses and infuriates us

Got engaged at the Grand Canyon. We also saw Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon (super spectacular)....I got a speeding ticket in Utah, also my license was expired so I was shitting myself, but he only charged me with speeding 80 in a 65 (through the desert, there weren't even any other cars) $107.

Camped out for four nights and then got tired of being freezing, and overnight lows at the GC were supposed to be around 22 degrees, so we got a room. Otherwise it was wonderful to build fires and eat ramen and see the stars and go to ranger talks where they were all so friendly and folksy and enthusiastic. Met a lot of Dutch people for some reason.

Good burritos at a place called Mexican Restaurant in a strip mall in Vegas.

This is quick, but I'm sleepy and have jury duty early tomorrow, which I'm kind of looking forward to because it's not work and I can read all day, and then get a haircut and my ring resized (it's very sparkly and hand looks like my mom's now).

I was very was quick....I didn't cry until we started drinking a bottle of wine and finally comparing notes about having felt married ever since hiking up the hill on the Bosphorous a few years ago, and buying leather bracelets from the guy that finally fell off a few months ago.....I don't know how to plan a wedding. Thought about doing it in Vegas, but it's just too gross there.

I'm tired, tired....two beers and a Claratin. I've been having a weird sense of seeing my entire life before's not scary though, it seems orderly and nice. I'll have a beautiful time with Davy as long as he lives, and then when I am left alone I'll become some sort of hermit and probably enjoy that too.

Great, million dollar idea for my book. Don't steal it! It's about me hanging out with Charlotte Bronte. Trust me on this one.

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