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( Monday, Jun. 09, 2008 11:28 pm )

>I grow old, I grow old

This feels like the end of the first Philly era, because the Junebug has finally graduated and tonight we had her farewell dinner, me and Davy and Jim and Jim's new girl and the sad remaining dregs of what used to be an army of Science Geeks....I'm feeling painfully nostalgic for those early days in Philly, imperfect as they were. There were a couple of the usual girls, plus the boy who used to be "sexyboy," the most appealing and floppy-haired of a room full of dorks, and time has given him a haircut and 20 pounds and a freak accident that left him sucking on lollipops of heavy painkillers after a night of drinking that now ends before 11pm instead of 3am. Argh, the oldness of us all.

My Junebug, after a night of drinking I would kiss the top of her we'll both be married hags, and all the things I joked about will never come to pass....we'll never be upstate New York housewives making seven layer dip while our fat husbands watch the Bills game, and we'll never own an Iowa windfarm, and she'll never come back to Philly to live on my commune. I'll never see the Science Geeks again--they're all scattered now, and the Bryn Mawr girls of Davy's circle.

End of an era. Sorry to be maudlin about it, but it feels like I'll never be 22 again, and I've entered the house of my husband and I'll never see my childhood home again......

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