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( Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2005 6:51 pm )

>Full of soup, and fear

Well, this might be it. Internet-wise. Tonight I'm packing up, cleaning up, and hopefully moving a bunch of stuff to Davy's in preparation for my subletter to arrive on Friday. So, so much stuff left to do. Over the weekend, I'm going to see the family, including my beloved brother and beloved grandma, and then Tuesday.....Tuesday I am going to Newark, NJ in order to catch a plane to Paris. My new backpack (enormous, many-strapped)is packed. I am shitting myself with fear and awe. I can only hope this will be amazing and I will only be shitting fearful like 10% of the time.

In other news, Harry Potter night is arriving this Friday and I will again be privy to the madness. This time around the Big Chain Books crew has been faithful and not cracked the boxes in order to read HP in the basement, but let me tell you, spoiler alert, I know exactly what happens in this one: the same crap as in the first 5. Did I mention I've been mostly disgruntled at work lately? It's like when I'm visiting my family, the last day or two before I'm returning to Philly I start to get vaguely stressed and worried and therefore act mean and unpleasant. Well, I'm down to the last day or two at work as well.

I still can't quite believe I'm doing this.

This evening I hacked bangs into my own hair. I only look somewhat like a mental patient. I just had a vision of myself in Europe, and I was wearing bangs.

I still haven't suceeded in making an international call, though I have suceeded in wasting 8 calling card minutes trying to.

Oh my sweet jesus.

Anyway, must get to work collecting the email addresses of all my friends and loved ones. I do love the d-landers as well, and will miss reading. See you at the end of September!

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