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( Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009 5:32 pm )

>Shit, meet the fan

Possibly as punishment for admitting I am happy, this week I got laid off and contracted gastroenteritis (I suspect). Ah well, I was out of Paid Time Off anyway, so now I get to wallow in my pajamas every day. Unfortunately, the sickness is getting worse and not better, and I've been unable to sleep between the hours of 3 and 11 am for two days now.

I was one of I think four layoffs, but other staff were forced to cut hours, and the whole shop will close down for 6 days in order to save money... there has been a huge deficit for some time now, nearly six months or more it's been obvious, but only recently have they actually moved to do anything about it. I always thought the place was a sinking ship.

I'm drinking gatorade and I've been eating a bland diet, but nothing is helping. Very frustrating. Also I've been plagued by the remembrance that my company was doing something shifty with the health insurance--something like they weren't buying long-term hospitalization coverage for us, but instead agreeing to pay for it if ever necessary. What about me now, I'm wondering. And how could that ever have been a good plan to gamble like that? One long hospitalization could have brought down the company, if they ever made good on their--I realize with horror now--VERBAL promise. So obviously I think I have stomach cancer.
Obviously it must be, if gatorade isn't helping.

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