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( Tuesday, Jul. 07, 2009 8:58 pm )

>Iron Chef: Penis-Candy

My last week of state-sponsored vacation: new job starts next Monday. Let's not get into it. Maybe it will be awesome.

Mostly I am spending my remaining time doing errands and stuff. Yesterday I cleaned and hung pictures and bought food and made a wedding mix for Jim and his girl Bethy, today I went downtown and picked up my contacts, got $ out, bought printer ink and paper, and (highlight) went to overpriced South St. sex shop for something penis-shaped for Bethy's bachelorette party, which I am somehow taking charge of. We're all too old to be super into the clubbing with boys aspect of it, but luckily not too old to drink martinis with penis-shaped straws (hopefully?). Also purchased dirty playing cards, edible underpants, naked-man-with-Jim-photo-head keychain, Bride-to-be Miss America-style sash, and feathered headband. I've never actually been to a bachelorette party before, but I think the theme is hooray for heterosexuality.

I kind of got overwhelmed by the selection of penis-shaped goods there, but couldn't find what I really wanted: I have been as obsessed lately with the concept of a penis-shaped squirt gun as I used to be with the idea of a liberty bell-shaped pencil sharpener. Oh well, at least one of my dreams came true.

The errand I keep putting off is picking up the cat's ashes. Really really don't want to. I hate that this proves she really doesn't exist anymore. Poor girl, poor girl. How I miss her, not least of which because the mice are back. She used to catch them and sometimes bring them to Davy for him to play with: once she let a live one loose to scamper across his feet.

I keep trying to think of a summery activity for this week--like maybe going to the beach? I think there's a train that goes there. The aquarium?

Also been all about cooking from the farmer's market lately. This week they were low on everything, but we bought lemon basil and thai basil, so I have been all Iron Chef: Basil and loving it.

This is probably why I stopped writing this diary: wasn't it much more interesting when it was about looking for love? What is there that is equally as interesting? Mint? Cilantro?

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