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( Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009 9:14 pm )

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I don't have the same interest I once did in diary-keeping, but I've been realizing how useful it is to have a record of a long portion of time, if only to see the weird resonances later on...I mean, the narrative is only visible when you look back after the fact.

There are a few weird things that happened the bar a few blocks away that I refer to as the Local Bar in here recently got bought out and remodeled, and they've rechristened it: the Local. For real.

And way back in the day, when I had just met Davy and was in the course of various freakouts, I met this other guy named Davy one night, made out with him drunkenly, had a weird chaste sleepover, and then never really saw him again....he showed up again recently at a party I went to. Turns out he went to college with Jim and his friends. I was wearing a sweater vest and kicking ass at Dr. Mario.

Well, I guess that's about it, but these were two occurrences that seemed strange to me, but I had no one to tell except this diary. This is the weird thing about diary keeping....

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