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( Monday, Nov. 30, 2009 10:16 pm )

>Levin and Kitty, Meg and Mr. Brooke

After work I took the bus downtown and exchanged a dress I bought to wear to my rehearsal dinner for a smaller size. I was hunkered in the bus shelter, and a guy in there asked for a cigarette. His follow-up was "Jew?" I ignored him at first, so he said it again, and I was praying he was talking about my shoes, which are nice, but in fact he was making the "large nose" gesture and asking if I was a Jew. Sigh. That's just not a good conversational opener. I'm extremely unfriendly, yet always get sucked into conversations with these sorts, since it seems impossible to opt out most of the time. I also don't know why I bothered to get engaged, as a large diamond ring does nothing to dissuade small-talk from weirdos. I kind of even like small-talk with weirdos, but it's just usually small-talk with strange single men that happens in actuality, and they're listening so closely that I know they must want to see me in Le Boeuf.

That's Davy's joke, Le Boeuf for in the buff.

We just got back from Disneyworld. My great aunt sent me a chain email about the next terrorist attack, which, among many suggestions, could be at Disneyworld. We all survived Thanksgiving weekend unscathed, but I have to admit bombing Disney is kind of an excellent terrorism idea. That or the Mall of the Americas (but Black Friday would have been the ideal day for that, if you ask me). I should not be saying that, but stupid airport security procedures do start you thinking about terrorism, as does stupid Epcot. You know what's quite good, though, is Animal Kingdom. It would be a shame to bomb that.

I can't even tell you all that is going on. I'm going to Houston "on business" on Sunday, i.e. probably grant writing in taco restaurants and interacting with high school students (shudder) on Tuesday. My darling friend who I used to work with at Big Chain and I can't remember her pseudonym is so let's say Evie? wants to start a charter school, and I love the idea, and I'm going to help her grantwrite and be on the "board of directors," at least until we find someone proper who is rich and goes to opera galas and what not. Wedding planning--blah blah--I spend a good portion of every day thinking about how I will look in my wedding dress and hoping that no one I know will get married or pregnant before I can get around to it. Blah blah bridezilla. Wish we could skip over winter, a bit, and head on into spring and marriage and honeymoon.

I get all mellow when I ride the bus, and I was thinking of one time at Big Chain when I watched one of the boys put his feet on the sidewalls of the escalator and slide all the way down, and I watched thoughtfully, and another one came up behind me and said "don't do it, our insurance won't cover it" cause it was clear what I was thinking about. Kind of miss being a shopgirl.

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