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( Tuesday, Sept. 05, 2006 12:00 am )

>Honeyed hour

I have been drinking.

Fantasy football drafting for 12 hours has made me decide that Colin Firth is my new boyfriend, and several (OK, only 3) vodka shots have made me decide to watch Bridget Jones and pause the scenes where Mark Darcy is making a cute face (and oh my finger is tired from pressing pause so frequently).

This weekend Davy and I finally said fuck it and painted the consarned apartment. Actually just the front/living room in a warm honey-ish color inspired by the french toast at RX, which is breaded in some kind of insane and unheard of way, and then covered in blueberries and syrup, and it is just unspeakable. The waiter called it "pain perdue" once, but I wasn't sure if he was being pretentious or ironic (since the menu certainly doesn't call it that). Anyway, this was somewhat inspired by me getting Davy into HGTV, which in turn Juney got me into. The front room looks terrif, and then all the other rooms look like crap, which is what I'm pretty sure is happening behind the scenes in all those design shows where they eliminate all your clutter and furniture that doesn't fit with their design plan.

My biggest news is that I finally got a new job, although I don't want you to think I finally got some gumption or something. Actually Davy networked to find me the opening and then helped me email it out to his friend on the inside, and told me all about the company, and walked me to the interview. I'm a receptionist. I'm making a modest amount, but quite frankly it's more than I ever dreamed I could get, and I nearly cried when they told me my salary and did not bargain at all. Yeah!! Also, I think I get a discount membership (or perchance free!) at the university gym, so I'm psyched to start swimming some effin laps, mothereffer!

Next is the "office," which we're painting green. It's that sort of mossy, sagey green, only I think possibly too dark. OK, now off for more drinking in the beautiful beautiful butterscotch room I sweated for today in my accustomed outlandish painting costume.

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