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( Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011 11:32 pm )


Lest you fear that my life is exciting and things are going well--sort of. I am doing a much better job of being happy and not too cranky. Looking on the bright side and all. But. But. We are having a merry ghetto Christmas including a rat infestation. Currently in the midst of poisoning those bitches--die! Die!!! Davy has had a bit of job insecurity (positives here are that it seems to be ok now, he is in a great industry, and he finally quit smoking!!). And while I haven't exactly been trying to get pregnant, I haven't been not trying either. Pretty sure my insides are filled with sawdust. Probably for the best not to raise children in this vermin hostel anyway. Does that sound bad? I guess it's not that bad. I was talking again to the 96-year-old scientist they make me call every few months to make sure he's still kicking, and he was telling me all his friends and colleagues are dead. Then we went out to see Melancholia. Oh life!!! I am going to go have the most sickly sweet 50s style Xmas with Davy's family and pray to the little baby Jesus at midnight mass.

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