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( Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2002 12:39 am )

>David fucking Sedaris

I got an email from Nathan this morning, officially making him my weekly penpal. I write him funny emails back instead of calling him a fickle bastard. I think he started seeing someone else, like, seconds after I left town, but what can I do? I told him to date other people, I just meant not until I started to as well. Anyhoo, I was like shouting at him through the computer this morning because in his email he was advising me to read "Naked" by David Sedaris, and like telling me all about who he is, and that the book is funny and smart. This is all true, however I was shouting "Shuuuuuut uuuuuuup!" at the screen because I brought up how much I like David Sedaris in at least two separate conversations when I was with him, even telling him about how I had just gone to a DS reading. And secondly, it's like super-attitude to act like you've discovered some book when it was on the friggin bestseller list for a year or two. This reminds me of when I first started talking to him over IM and he advised me to go to the Symphony. "Oh, you should really go! Oh you should really go!" Ruby and I were yelling at the computer together that night. Hoo boy. Boys always have to know everything.

I spent today being a cranky baby. I was out of patience with my parents, and I went on a very long, aimless drive all over the place. The mood started in the morning: I slept in until I heard my mother leave the house. I kept hitting snooze, so I had a series of really strange 10 minute dreams. I graduated from college in my high school auditorium, I helped out at a high-wire act, a 7 foot tall man hit on me, I went into a restaurant bathroom with a creepy sewer theme. I forget the rest of them.

Basically this week has been: Swimming pool, Middlemarch, Skirts.

Also I rescind in my last entry where I said loneliness kept me awake. Actually, I think it was the single Almond/Vanilla coffee after dinner. Forgot about that.

But I do want my own love sub-plot, even with all the cautionary tales in Middlemarch.

I nominate this Stupidest Entry Ever.

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